Quarter-Life Coaching

  • Feel stuck or lost?
  • Unsure you’re in the right field?
  • Don’t know what to do next?
  • Sometimes feel like you don’t even know yourself?
  • Ready to quit everything and start fresh?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. You are not alone – in 2017, Linkedin found that 75% of 25-33 year olds have experienced a quarter-life crisis.

The Problem

Many of us (myself included) spend the first 20+ years of our lives being told what to learn and what to think, through our education and from our parents. This teaches us to look for our answers externally, so when we get stuck we go outwards for solutions, asking our parents or searching in books and podcasts. When we go outward we perpetuate the problem because we continue to be provided solutions rather than developing them ourselves. We do not learn more about what we value, rather we continue to inherit the values of those we reach out to.

This learning process can be particularly difficult for adults coming from immigrant families. There is a a connection to the values of your heritage and the values of the culture you were raised in, causing an internal tug-of-war. You do not need to let one side win, you are just fine somewhere in the middle. You can honor your heritage’s values while maintaining your individuality.

The Solution

My coaching is focused on giving you the tools and the skills to sift through these life long values, that you have inherited and learned, to determine which are yours, which are out of habit, and then allow you to determine which you want to keep – intentionally.

I define my coaching style with 3 “Specs” – guided introspection and exploration to grow your perspective to achieve results specific to your needs. In other words, you have all the answers, I help move you in the right direction by providing guidance and giving you the tools to look within yourself to find those answers.

After coaching you will have the skills and tools necessary to ask the right questions to determine what is best for you, now and in the future. My goal is to maximize your learning through your quarter-life crisis. I will touch on the fundamentals of relationships (familial, friends, and romantic), career, and your personal wellness.

The Process

You may have heard people say the solution to the Quarter-Life Crisis is to learn to love yourself, do not compare yourself to others, and have a supportive social circle. These are all true but what people forget to tell you is that all of that takes skill development, practice, and time. Specs Coaching will help get you there by getting you to those skills. Check out our process below:

Phase 1: Exploration

The first phase is questioning. At this point you are likely already beginning to question parts of your life. “What brought me to this career?”, “Do I even want to do this anymore?”, “Was this ever for me?”. During this phase of coaching you will learn the skills of introspection and self-exploration. We experience feelings and emotions everyday and continue without every questioning or understanding them. Questioning the first step to understanding. Ergo, to understand yourself and what is next for yourself you need to question more of yourself. Phase 1 will give you those skills of true self-exploration.

Phase 2: Discovery

The second phase is discovery. When you start adding more questions to begin to get more answers. But, this only comes with intentional reflection on those questions. This too is a skill. Just as researchers need to learn how to analyze numbers we have to learn to analyze and interpret our own lives. Many of us have never reflected or questioned parts of our lives as many parts of always been laid out for us, Phase 2 guides you to sort through it and rediscover yourself.

The first 2 phases are particularly important for folks straddling multiple cultures because they want to keep their individuality while honoring their cultures. Often times there is more back and forth questioning and reflecting as well as more surprising discoveries.

Phase 3: Acceptance and Action

Finally we get to our acceptance and action phase. The first 2 phases are meant to explore and discover the real you, the underlying you. This phase is focused on mindsets and then action. We cannot begin to move towards action without the mindset of acceptance. Acceptance does not always mean agreement – you can accept that something has happened to you but not agree or even be happy it did. With acceptance comes openness to action. Up until our quarter-life most of our goals have been set out for us, with those being go to high school, go to college, get the degree, and get a job, etc. Often our first career paths allow us to finally begin to develop our own goals, this is a daunting task. Phase 3 gives you practical skills of mindset changing and goal setting to create a new clearer vision for yourself.

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