My name is Nghia Le, pronounced like “Knee-uh Lay”.

I spent the better part of the last decade going through my own quarter-life crisis. I went from working at an Immunology Lab as a Junior Scientist to the partnerships team of a large education reform non-profit to moving half way across the country to California to earn my Master of Social Work degree and starting my social work career. I focused my time looking for the next thing that would fulfill me, I was running away from one job to the next. It was not until a supervisor of mine gave me the advice to not continue running away from jobs but to start running towards jobs that I started to look inward at what I value in my work, and ultimately in myself.

Through this quarter-life crisis I have learned more about myself than I did the previous 20 some years of life. I did this through intentional questioning, reflecting, and changing. I am confident that you too will get through your own quarter-life crisis but I am here to help you shorten the length of time you spend in yours!

My Experience

I have over 10 years of experience as a therapist, social worker, trainer, and mentor. I earned my Master of Social Work degree from California State University – Long Beach and have worked as Social Worker since then. I have coached parents to support their children’s mental health and better themselves to reunify with their children. Directly with the children and teens, I provided therapy to help them manage their mental illnesses, ranging from Depression and Anxiety to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a mentor I provided numerous leadership trainings and identity development workshops for undergraduate students and young professionals. Lastly, I have presented trainings to parents and caregivers to support identity development in transracial families.

My Why

I am passionate about working with people coming from immigrant families because I come from an immigrant family myself. My parents are Vietnam War refugees and have raised me with their heritage values as I was growing up here in America. Myself and others who are 2nd generation Americans with immigrant parents are in a unique position because we are the first in our families to have the experience of growing up in America. Our parents did not have the experience growing up between two different cultures to guide us through that experience. I know first hand the struggles and questions you may be having.

  • Am I _______ (Vietnamese for me) enough? Will I be “American” enough? How can I be both?
  • How much of this is what I want versus what my parents want?
  • Will I be a disgrace to the family or my family’s culture if I make this change?

I spent many years of my life questioning who I was because of this feeling of being in-between, searching externally for answers. Through that lived experience and my graduate school education I learned practical skills and mindset tricks to improve my wellness and get myself to a life designed by me. I hope to provide guidance to those feeling in-between and questioning who they are to discover themselves through their own lens and develop goals and actions towards that vision.

My Values


Your feelings are real for you. I will hold that space for you to feel it. I will seek to understand it to help you through it and to connect with you.


You are the leader of your own life. I will provide the support while you provide the direction. I believe you, and only you, knows what is best for you.


Your experience is real. Life has many curveballs that positivity cannot tackle on its own. I will stay grounded with you and push you without getting too fluffy.


Your life is not final. No matter where you are or what you have experienced change and growth is possible. I will work to help you see those opportunities.


You have a unique story. Your needs and experiences are yours alone. I will keep my coaching specific and individualized to meet you where you are at.


You can handle it all. Life will have its ups and downs and there is no single destination that is constant. I will work with you to develop the skills to find the calm in the chaos of life.